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Alone in the Forest

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  • Alone in the Forest 
    Title: Alone in the Forest
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Publication date: 01/09/2013
    Imprint: TARA BOOKS
    Price: $24.99
    Publishing status: Active

    One day Musa sets off from his village to collect firewood. It is the first time he has ventured out alone. Suddenly he hears a loud noise and becomes very afraid. Was the sound a wild boar? A whole herd of wild boars? Or something even worse?
    What happens to Musa and how he learns to deal with his fear is explored in this powerful yet sensitive visual story of the psychology of fear. Typography, book design, contemporary tribal artwork, and narrative combine in this new children's title from Tara Books.
    eview: Praise for "Do!: "
    "A fun concept book from the Warli tribal community. It's the kind of book that serves to remind us that there's more to literature for children than pretty sparkles and tales we've heard many times before . . . This is a book for the curious child."
    -- "School Library Journal"

    Author Biography: Gita Wolf is a highly original and creative voice in contemporary Indian publishing, and the founder of Tara Books. She is known for her interest in exploring and experimenting with the form of the book. Gita has written over twenty books for children and adults, many of which have been translated into multiple languages and recognized internationally.
    Andrea Anastasio is an artist and designer who was born in Rome in 1961. He studied Philosophy, Asian studies, and Street Theatre, before going on to start a very successful design practice.
    Andrea's connection to India is a long one, going back to 1991 when he began researching rural architecture, folk art and religion. He now regularly commutes between India and Italy. He is currently working on several new projects with Tara Books.
    Bhajju Shyam is widely accepted as the finest living Gond tribal artist in India. Bhajju's intricate and colorful work is well known throughout India and has been exhibited in the US, UK, Germany, Holland and Russia. "Alone in the Forest" is Bhajju's seventh book with Tara Books, and his fourth as a solo artist. From the walls of his tribal village home to international acclaim, Bhajju's has been an incredible creative journey.

    ISBN: 9788192317151
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