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127 Hours: Between a Rock & a Hard Place

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  • 127 Hours: Between a Rock & a Hard Place 
    Title: 127 Hours: Between a Rock & a Hard Place
    Author: RALSTON ARON
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/02/2011
    Imprint: ATRIA
    Price: $23.00
    Publishing status: Active

    Originally published in 2004, Aron Ralston's New York Times bestselling memoire, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, has been reissued by Atria Paperback under the title, 127 Hours, with a cover image from the movie showing Franco in character. Ralston relates his trials in a thoughtful, well-written, and riveting account. On April 26, 2003, he set off for an ordinary day hike in the Utah canyons-no real challenge for an experienced mountaineer-carrying minimal supplies and equipment and neglecting to tell anyone where he was going. During a routine climbing maneuver, he jarred loose a bus-tire-size boulder, which rolled down and pinned his right hand against the canyon wall.
    Throughout this ordeal, Ralston analytically evaluated and re-evaluated his options, trying to cobble together his rock-climbing know-how, ingenuity as an engineer, and limited resources into some kind of solution, but still ending up with no way out. He vividly details his state of mind as his water supply diminished, his physical condition deteriorated, and his exhaustion became overwhelming. Interspersed throughout this physical, emotional, and spiritual ordeal are chapters detailing the author's past experiences, revealing his passionate appreciation of nature, the ups and downs of numerous wilderness adventures, and his enthusiasm for pushing personal limits. It all builds compellingly to the moment when Ralston realized what he must do to get free and how to go about it. Told with great detail and clarity, the narrative remains gripping to the very end, and 16 pages of the author's full-color photos bring readers into his world.

    ISBN: 9781849833905
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