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13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty

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  • 13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty 
    Title: 13 Ways Of Looking At The Death Penalty
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Publication date: 15/02/2015
    Price: $35.00
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    Nation states and communities throughout the world have reached certain decisions about capital punishment: It is the destruction of human life. It is ineffective as a deterrent for crime. It is an instrument the state uses to contain or eliminate its political adversaries. It is a tool of justiceo that disproportionality affects religious, social, and racial minorities. It is a sanction that cannot be fixed if unjustly applied. Yet the United States along with countries notorious for human rights abuse remains an advocate for the death penalty. In these thirteen pieces, Mario Marazziti exposes the profound inhumanity and irrationality of the death penalty in this country, and urges us to join virtually every other industrialized democracy in rendering capital punishment an abandoned practice belonging to a crueler time in human history. A polemical book, yes, yet one that brings together a wide range of stories to compel the heart as well the mind.
    The title of this book is a bit misleading. If you read this book expecting a spirited "pro/con" look at the issue, you're going to be disappointed. This book is strictly anti-Capital Punishment. (That wasn't an issue for me, but it should be noted.) Instead, you'll find a variety of arguments in favor of abolishing Capital Punishment. The perspectives include: families of murder victims, a Death Row Chaplain, current Death Row inmates, wrongfully convicted & released Death Row inmates, and religious leaders from the world's major religions. These perspectives are powerful, and incredibly interesting to read. You'll learn about what life is like for people on Death Row. You'll read about two men, both wrongfully convicted and placed on Death Row, who were later proved innocent and released, but who spent the majority of their youth incarcerated for a crime they didn't commit. You'll read incredibly moving stories of forgiveness and acceptance by families of victims. Emily - Books, the Universe and Everything

    ISBN: 9781609805678
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