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David Gaunt has owned Gleebooks with partner Roger Mackell since 1976.

This is an exciting time of the year...

 - Friday, July 19, 2013
This is an exciting time of the year for fiction readers. Publishers ramp up their offerings for some big releases. And we work hard to see if we can persuade authors to come to Gleebooks and talk about their work. Our new Events Manager, Liz Allen, is hard at work and we’ve a terrific program of events unfolding.  I’ve seen three of the biggest fiction releases already: Christos TsiolkasBarracuda (pub October), a relentless and clear-eyed look at contemporary Australia through the story of Danny Kelly, a young budding champion swimmer. As you’d imagine it’s a tough and uncompromising novel, albeit a story suffused with tenderness about love and families. It’s not easy reading, but essential and compelling for all that. I’ve not yet read t Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North (due for release in September) but am looking forward to it enormously. And I’m halfway through Tim Winton’s first novel in five years (Eyrie, October) which has completely absorbed me. More next month, when I’ve finished it, but it’s an intense and brilliant story already.
Meanwhile, I was delighted to discover The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane (September), a wise and intriguing new Australian novel. This is fiction from a writer who comes to us fully formed. It’s a thoroughly engaging story of 74 year old Ruth, recently widowed and living alone in an isolated beach house on Australia’s east coast. Her children live abroad with their own families, and Ruth is uncertain of her own future capacities. In quick succession she is visited by her night guest (a tiger), a care-worker who has (apparently) 'been sent by the Government', and by her first love (50 years on, from a youth spent in Fiji). It is hard to know if anything is at it seems, and questions of trust, of ageing, of care and of love and dependence are explored with a deft and sure touch. I loved this book & I hope it finds a wide audience.
August 10th is National Bookshop Day, and we’re organising some fun to coincide with it. So please (especially if you’ve got kids) come in and enjoy the celebration at our 'mad hatter's tea party' (see above).
Indigenous Literacy Day, Wednesday September 3rd. Please support this special cause (jump on the website for some ideas of how to help). And don’t forget the 2013 Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s fabulous Book Trivia Night (sometime in October or November, stay tuned for more details), which was great fun and a great fundraiser last year. Organise a table of your friends or book group, and join in.