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David Gaunt has owned Gleebooks with partner Roger Mackell since 1976.

Guess Who is Coming to Gleebooks

 - Wednesday, June 04, 2014

In the mad effort and organised chaos that is Gleebooks' role at the Sydney Writers' Festival, I can't manage a 'proper' reference to anything that I'm reading at the moment. But I do want to mention my excitement at the amazing originality and insight in Ceridwen Dovey's Only the Animals, which I am currently reading and enjoying enormously. Check it out.

And just a brief mention of two exciting things about to be announced: One is the purchase by Gleebooks of the Schools business of our good friends at Shearers' Bookshop. Tony and Barbara Horgan are closing their much loved shop at Leichhardt but the Schools business which they have so carefully nourished over the last couple of decades will find a new home at Gleebooks. So will their excellent Schools representative, Kay Proos. With Kay's guidance we hope to build rewarding relationships with as many schools as would like to use our services. More of this next month.

Similarly (and you'll be hearing much more of this, from everywhere), here is an early shout about the upcoming publication of Julia Gillard's My Story, which is publishing in late September, and for which we will be hosting one of the few public talks the former PM will be giving about the book. It will be at the Seymour Centre at Sydney Uni so stay tuned to your Gleaner, the gleemail and our website for details.