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Coal Creek

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  • Coal Creek 
    Title: Coal Creek
    Author: MILLER ALEX
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/10/2013
    Imprint: ALLEN & UNWIN
    Price: $30.00
    Publishing status: Active

    How beautifully Alex Miller has created the?voice of Bobby Blue in this, his 11th novel.?After his parents’ deaths, Bobby, a stockman?in the ranges of Central Queensland, takes?on a job assisting the new constable in a?small town despite sensing that he will face?a conflict of loyalties. Bobby can see that the?constable’s outsider status and inability to?understand the people he is policing will lead?to tragedy. But the stockman’s hopes for the?constable’s young daughter and his many?decisions to stay silent also play a role. The?reader knows that tragedy is coming, but its?exact form is a genuine surprise, and so too is?the ending. In Bobby, Miller has created a truly?memorable character; his story feels like a?privilege to read.

    Bobby Blue is caught between loyalty to his only friend, Ben Tobin, and his boss, Daniel Collins, the new Constable at Mount Hay. Bobby understands the people and the ways of Mount Hay; Collins studies the country as an archaeologist might, bringing his coastal values to the hinterland. Increasingly bewildered and goaded to action by his wife, Constable Collins takes up his shotgun and his Webley pistol to deal with Ben. Bobby's love for Collins' wilful young daughter Irie is exposed, leading to tragic consequences for them all.

    ISBN: 9781743316986
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