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Silence of the Girls, The

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  • Silence of the Girls, The 
    Title: Silence of the Girls, The
    Author: BARKER PAT
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 30/08/2018
    Price: $33.00
    Publishing status: Active

    The author of Birdsong returns to France
    for this thoughtful and eminently readable
    novel. In 2006, Moroccan teenager Tariq and
    American academic Hannah are in Paris in
    search of an understanding of the past. Both
    experience ‘echoes’ of history – perhaps
    ghostly, perhaps real, perhaps something
    between the two. Tariq explores Paris
    through the Metro (chapters are named
    after stations); Hannah through recordings
    of women who lived through WW2. Fully
    in control of his material, Faulks gives us
    a close-up on Paris both now and in the
    past, and also zooms out to give us a broad
    perspective on history – making us think not
    just about what happened but also how the
    past echoes in the future.

    From the Booker Prize-winning author of Regeneration and one of our greatest contemporary writers on war comes a reimagining of the most famous conflict in literature - the legendary Trojan War.

    When her city falls to the Greeks, Briseis's old life is shattered. She is transformed from queen to captive, from free woman to slave, awarded to the god-like warrior Achilles as a prize of war. And she's not alone. On the same day, and on many others in the course of a long and bitter war, innumerable women have been wrested from their homes and flung to the fighters.

    The Trojan War is known as a man's story: a quarrel between men over a woman, stolen from her home and spirited across the sea. But what of the other women in this story, silenced by history? What words did they speak when alone with each other, in the laundry, at the loom, when laying out the dead?

    In this magnificent historical novel, Pat Barker charts one woman's journey through the chaos of the most famous war in history, as she struggles to free herself and to become the author of her own story.

    Praise for Pat Barker:

    'Barker delves unflinchingly into the enduring mysteries of human motivation' Sunday Telegraph

    'She is not only a fine chronicler of war but of human nature' Independent

    'Barker is a writer of crispness and clarity and an unflinching seeker of the germ of what it means to be human' Herald

    'You go to her for plain truths, a driving storyline and a clear eye, steadily facing the history of our world' Guardian

    ISBN: 9780241338094
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