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Travels with My Art

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  • Travels with My Art 
    Title: Travels with My Art
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Imprint: SELF PUBLISHed
    Price: $34.95
    Publishing status: Active

    Filmmaker and community artist Michael Rubbo takes readers on a visual road trip of his creative life from childhood to the present day. Travels with My Art has the DIY feel of a storyboard or a scrapbook, lovingly put together to lay bare the author’s innermost thoughts, from the mundane to the profound. From love affairs to break-ups, children and career changes, travel, pets, hobbies and Van Gogh, Rubbo unravels the influences that have guided his imagination and inspired his art making. He playfully explores the role genetics plays in his artistic temperament – both his mother and nonno (grandfather) were accomplished painters – but also the role a curious mind plays in informing a way of looking at the world that finds beauty and wonder in the ordinary. Candidly written with great warmth and humour, Rubbo’s arty memoir makes readers feel as though they’ve opened a drawer and discovered a precious diary.

    ISBN: 9780994503640
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