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Delving Deeper

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  • Delving Deeper 
    Title: Delving Deeper
    Author: FRASCA JO
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Imprint: UNKNOWN
    Price: $29.95
    Publishing status: Active

    The problems surrounding deficient mental health are now widespread and worsening.
    We are seeing ever-increasing violence, drug and alcohol use, family breakdown, unemployment, depression, prevalent addictions and, sadly, people killing themselves – behaviours that are now of pandemic proportion.
    At the same time, we are seeing an impoverishment of the mental health system that is leading to its failure to adequately address the problems it sets out to solve, in many cases making them worse.
    In Delving Deeper, Jo Frasca brings you a frank and understandable insight into the world of psychotherapy, through the eyes of a thinking, working, reflective practitioner. Jo’s narrative is warm and engaging, and often, surprisingly, humorous.
    Here she traverses the murky and often controversial territory of the differences between the many professions working in the field, including but not restricted to counselling, coaching, psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy.
    Throughout the book Jo illustrates concepts and contexts through clients’ stories, with their permission, to give a deeper understanding of their rich internal worlds, and why treatments such as cognitive behaviour therapy, medication, hypnotherapy, self-help and other services might not always ‘cure’ the complaint.
    Each client is different and unique. There are no clichés.
    This book is a story of the thinking structure of long-term work with a psychotherapist, sometimes with a very perceptive and empathic dog in the room. Meet Saydee.

    ISBN: 9780994603302
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