Sue Dahman - Tayta's Lebanese & Mediterranean Kitchen - Friday 15th February

Having grown up and lived on the Mediterranean Sea. Sue Dahman is sharing her favourite dishes from these regions, all influenced by her Lebanese background.

In Taytas Lebanese & Mediterranean Kitchen Sue presents a variety of mezza dishes, such as foul moudamas, shankliesh and labneh and some of the favourites that you can’t ignore in any Lebanese cookbook hummus, tabbouli, kibbee, baba ghanouge.

The world classics such spanakopita from Greece, gozeleme from Turkey, Spanish paella. Jordan’s mansef and Italy tiramisu are all here, and all have that special Lebanese touch that sue brings to all her cooking.

Sue has also included some traditional Lebanese favourite, such as shish Barak, fateh, lamb ouzi, kneffee and Znoud el sit, and has added a twist to one of the world’s famous recipes by introducing chocolate backlava.


Date and time: Friday 15th February, 6pm for 6.30pm

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