Kronenberg/Lawrence - Distance/101 Poems - Sunday 3rd June

Distance to be launched by Anthony Lawrence

101 Poems to be launched by David Musgrave


Nothing for weeks, no urgent need,
no jolt. Instead, I sit in a café reading,
only occasionally looking up to see
lovely-limbed students wearing expensive headphones,
as they text or talk
on their mobiles. I think about my life
nothing much is ever truly planned,
so much just fallen into. But there’s pleasure
in the sometimes lonely drift, the tender
space between the trees as I remember
the old man sitting under the pawlonias
on his rush seat in the winter sun,
gathering poems and holding a cup
of treasured wine…

Simeon Kronenberg’s name is recognised across Australia in the visual arts, not least through the regular cycle of contemporary exhibitions he hosts at the Kronenberg Wright gallery in Darlinghurst NSW. In recent years 
his discerning eye has turned to poetry. With strong mentorship from the likes of Anthony Lawrence and Judith Beveridge he has produced a first collection of rare maturity, depth and complexity.  BUY THE BOOK

101 Poems

In a bathtub filled with ice I arrange a selection of beers.
Many are from a time when bars
were the sole domain of men, the air
filled with smoke and the promise of flights.

Others gleam like pilgrims preserved
by winter burial, revealed after a thaw.

This selection offers among the finest of Anthony Lawrence’s poems, selected from fifteen books of poetry published over the last thirty years. During that period Lawrence has become the pre-eminent Australian poet of his generation, a distinctive, distilled voice of passion and protest.

Awarding him the 2017 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Poetry for his most recent collection Headwaters, the judges commented: ‘Lawrence is a forensic observer of the animal and human worlds and a profound translator of that lived experience into the ‘unfenced shires’ of language.  BUY THE BOOK


Date and time: Sunday 3rd June, 3.30pm for 4pm

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