Janine Dickinson - The Sweet Hills of Florence - Friday 4th May

To be launched by Dianne Blacklock

All Souls’ Day – the Day of the Dead, 1941. Florence, city of strife. It is Hitler’s state visit to Florence and the last of the good times for Mussolini. From now on, he and his lover Clara will cling more closely together, ever more dependent upon each other as their country spirals into civil war and their lives disintegrate.

Annabelle and Enrico, young cousins from an ancient Florentine family, work first with the clandestine resistance, then openly with the partisans. Facing life and death together in the mountains, they forge a passionate life-long bond.

How reliable is memory and can we ever expiate past sins? Are some ghosts better left alone? BUY THE BOOK


Date and time: Friday 4th May, 6pm for 6.30pm

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