Geoff Page & Ron Pretty - Hard Horizons & The Left Hand Mirror - Friday 10th November

Geoff Page/ Hard Horizons:
These softly wafting floaters are
a minor blessing age supplies
to couple with your tinnitus—
first the ears and then the eyes.
You still can read, you still can drive
so what’s there to complain about?
They are but minor harbingers
and yet, each morning, there’s no doubt
your cornea’s a dirty windscreen;
your cochlea’s a whistled sigh.
You’ve heard your last pure note of music;
you’ve seen your last unclouded sky.

The magisterial Geoff Page’s twenty second poetry collection finds
him in a contemplative mood - intimations, if not of mortality itself
then certainly of a restless peace and a robust frailty. His fine eye for
locality and fine ear for the vernacular are operating in full force, and
the poetry ranges from the playful light verse that conjures up a broad
smile to an altogether deeper mode, often reaching back into history,
which might just as easily bring forth a long, deep knowing sigh.

Ron Pretty/ The Left Hand Mirror:
I hope, when I am as old as this, as
round as this, someone will dig me up
& carry me halfway across a continent
to bury me again under a different
sky & dance attendance for posterity on
the full bottle & spindle limbs & even
a few yellowing leaves not yet fallen.

Freed from the relentless grind of publishing other people’s poetry
books, Ron Pretty’s late great flowering is producing some of the
finest new poetry written anywhere by anyone in recent years. In this
new collection he ranges widely, from the butterfly poems - a form he
has made his own - to a long, moving sequence on the rewards and
rebuffs of transcultural adoption.


Date and time: Friday 10th November, 6pm for 6.30pm

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